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School Supplies
  1. 1” 3-ring binder with seven dividers - (7 Periods)
  2. One 9-3/4 by 7-1/2 inch Composition Book, Minimum 100 Sheets (Math)
  3. Spiral Notebooks:    
            8 ½ by 11 'Five Star' recommended (Science)
            8 ½ by 11 – 100 pages minimum (History) 1 per trimester
            3 (three) 70-page spiral notebooks (Language Arts)
  4. Notebook Paper- College Ruled
  5. Scissors
  6. Pencils & Erasers (if using mechanical, remember extra lead)
  7. Pens - Black, Blue & Red (“BIC” 4-Color Pen recommended - Math) 
  8. Inch and Centimeter Ruler
  9. Personal, (small, handheld) pencil sharpener
  10. Personal Stapler with staples
  11. Scientific calculator
  12. 5-10 Sheet Protectors
  13. USB Key
  14. Glue stick 

15.   Highlighters - blue, pink, green, orange and yellow

16.   Calendar Planner or Weekly Agenda 


Dear Families,


In preparation for your child’s success during the school year, the B Team teachers have put together a list of needed supplies that will assist your child in being successful.  These supplies will be needed all year long and are essential to your child succeeding.  Students are responsible for having these supplies with them at all times. Please make sure your child has these supplies.  Please contact any of your B-Track teachers with any questions. Thank you for your anticipated support and your commitment to your child’s successful educational career.  Please contact any of the B-Track teachers with any questions. 


B Track Teachers






















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